The Medi Ink Scar Therapy Strip is a self-adhesive silicone gel sheeting used to prevent or reduce hypertrophic scars and keloids. The strip measures 5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide are reusable, lightweight, flexible, and durable.   It can be used to cover scars resulting from the most commonly performed types of surgical procedures for the breast including C-sections, breast and abdominal surgeries.   The Scar Therapy Strip can be customized to fit scars resulting from procedures such as mole removal and other injuries.

Scar Therapy Strips are made from the highest quality fabric to ensure maximum comfort, adhesiveness and flexibility.   Scar Therapy Strips last up to two weeks.

How does Silicone Improve Scars?

Scars need an ideal healing environment, meaning the appropriate balance of moisture and maximum exposure to oxygen. Silicone fully encapsulates the scar site, meaning that it completely covers the treatment site for even distribution of necessary moisture (hydration), and maximum exposure to oxygen.

Properly hydrated and oxygenated skin allows surrounding healthy tissue to better blend with scar tissue, resulting in a scar that is more natural in color, softer, and flatter overall.

Scar Therapy Strip (1 strip)

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Step 1: Remove Scar Therapy Strip from the package.

Step 2: Ensure Scar Therapy Strip completely covers the scar. For proper coverage, we recommend not altering the product’s size; but if necessary, use sharp scissors to trim the product and allow for a minimum of 1/2” area around the entire scar. More area helps the product stay in place. Store the remaining gel sheet in a dry place, like the package the Scar Strip came in.

Step 3: Remove the backing from the product taking care not to overly stretch the material. Apply Medi Ink Scar strip sticky-side down to the scar and gently smooth it with your fingers.

**Helpful hint—for a larger area, remove a small portion of backing, apply Scar Therapy Strip to the scar and then peel off remaining backing while applying little by little along the scar.**

Step 4: Wear Scar Therapy Strip for 12 hours for the first day and then gradually increase to as much as 23 hours a day.

Step 5: Remove and clean both sides of the Scar Therapy Strip at least once per day with warm water and plain soap (no moisturizer or detergent).

Step 6: Place the Scar Therapy Strip on a clean surface and allow to dry prior to re-application.

**Helpful hint—order a 2nd Scar Therapy Strip to wear while the first strip is drying.**


Patients with known sensitivities to silicone should not wear Med Ink Scar Therapy Strips. With any topical material applied directly to the skin’s surface, some type of reaction is possible. If a reaction does occur, stop using the product until your skin has returned to normal. This may be due to a sweat rash. Good daily hygiene and cleaning of the product will help to aid in the prevention of a rash from occurring. If you have sensitive skin, decrease usage, then increase usage time until a comfortable maximum has been reached. Do not use creams, lotions, or ointments with this product as they may interfere with the performance of the product and/or cause skin irritation.



Do not use if individual package is damaged or opened.


Made in the USA.