Designed to Provide Relief

The Billow (breast+pillow) is a pillow specifically designed to provide relief and support to women with breast discomfort resulting from surgery (including mastectomy, reconstructive, augmentation or reduction), nursing and breast size. The Billow is designed to give your breasts and body a soft and supportive post surgery and provide comfort long after.

Mastectomy Pillow

Built to Solve Our Own Problems

We know what it’s like to have breast discomfort and designed the Billow for perfect breast, back, under arm and neck support while sleeping, relaxing or getting massage therapy.

Good for the Planet & Good for You

The Billow pillow is made in the USA of organic, chemical and cruelty-free materials, so you can feel good about how the Billow is made. Five percent of Billow’s profits are donated to breast cancer charities who allocate money towards research programs to help find a cure.


How It Works

Although you may use your Billow how you see fit, these Billow pillow positions
may help to alleviate stress and pain.

Embrace | Billow Pillow


The Billow pillow keeps your torso raised and slightly elevated without compromising sensitive breasts and stomachs post surgery.

This position is beneficial in providing relief proceeding facial or cardio thoracic procedures as well.

The Billow roll pillow may be used to provide extra support behind the neck in this position.

Side Relief | Billow Pillow

Side Relief

Billow pillow provides support to the neck and shoulder while lying on your side.

Using the Billow roll pillow in this position provides extra comfort between the breasts or legs.

Blissful Breasts | Billow Pillow

Blissful Breasts

The Billow pillow provides breast, under arm, neck and lower back support for those with extreme sensitivity in those areas. This position provides maximum comfort while lying on your stomach or getting a massage and is perfect for post surgery, nursing moms, or anyone who has larger breasts or needs extra back support while lying on their stomach.

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“My Billow is fabulous! My stomach is still a little sore from my recent surgery so I wasn’t able to lie all night, but lying on my stomach for an extended period of time was fabulous. You have designed an absolutely wonderful product!”
Kim C., North Carolina, USA
“I tried the Billow at our Advanced Breast Cancer Group at the Cancer Support Community in Bridgewater, NJ. Stage IV, for 12 1/2 years, in treatment continuously for all this time. Due to mets, surgery, and instrumentation I have not been able to sleep on my stomach – which had been my favored position. When I tried the Billow today, 2/4, I was actually able to lie on my stomach and turn my head! Yippee! Amazing how the littlest things become so magnificent. Thanks for the support, both literally and figuratively.”
Alice G., New Jersey, USA
“Fabulous! I received a massage today and used the Billow and it was awesome.”
Leslie M., New York, USA
“Another success story! Used the Billow for a nursing mom in her massage session a few days ago and she loved it – it brought her a lot of relief.”
Leslie M., New York, USA
“Through training for the half ironman my back took a beating. Sleeping with Billow enabled me to rest comfortably and soothed my back aches. I will never sleep with out it again!”
Ariana C., New York, USA
“It is so comfortable and fabulous and I will continue recommending it to patients and friends.”
Alice C., New York, USA
“The Billow was a hit. She said it was very comfortable. She is planning on getting pregnant again and thinks it will be very helpful.”
Dr. C., New York, USA
“As a licensed massage therapist, I am so excited to introduce the Billow to my clients. I have received wonderful feedback from my clients! Not only is this product helpful for breast cancer patients, it is a must-have for performing massage on large-breasted women. Yes! They are finally lying comfortably on their stomachs!! I have found it to be very beneficial for male clients as well. In fact, it provides support for the lower back and allows for a much more comfortable surface for all of my clients.”
Ruth R., West Virginia, USA
“Just writing to say that I love my Billow. I bought it because I had a double mastectomy (and will continue to use it after, I love it that much)!”
Shelia, New Jersey, USA
We have had some incredible feedback from attendees with all types of cancer and situations…We love Billow Global!
The Survivor Glam Squad
“I love my Billow-I use it every night watching TV, it gives great back support!”
Lisa Crites, The Shower Shirt Founder, Fla
Deep REM sleep again thanks to the Billow Pillow! I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have tried sleeping on my side, my cpap and a wedge. The Billow Pillow has been my answer! It is made of the softest material, keeps me cool, and lifts my upper body to just the right angle to keep me from obstructing my airway! Marnie, thank you for this miracle pillow!!!!
Ben Cobb, Hurricane, WV