The Billow pillow was originally created as a mastectomy recovery pillow. It is for women who have difficulty lying on their stomachs due to discomfort resulting from surgery, including mastectomy, reconstruction, breast augmentation and breast reduction.

Billow’s patented ergonomic design will embrace you with luxurious comfort. The Billow pillow was created by a woman who knows first hand how important rest and comfort are to recovery, overall health and well-being. Billow is a carefully and strategically designed mastectomy recovery pillow to address each element of a woman’s desire for perfect breast, back, under arm and neck support.



Mastectomy Recovery Pillow for Healing

  • The specifically designed area for the breasts provides a soft and supportive experience post mastectomy, breast reconstruction, augmentation or other breast surgery – or for women with a larger bust.
  • Firm support in the Billow pillow’s torso area alleviates pressure on the lower back while also providing much support to the breasts post mastectomy.
  • Softer filling in the upper arm and neck area provides additional relief for those experiencing extreme sensitivity.  This is important for patients who have lymphadenectomy, or lymph node dissection. Visit the locksmith boss.
  • Immediately post surgery, the Billow pillow makes an extremely comfortable back pillow.  It keeps you slightly elevated and is a perfect substitute for the “nest” of pillows that are constantly shifting and moving positions.

***post surgical patients must always consult their physician prior to sleeping on stomach***