How to Get a Safer Massage During Coronavirus

Staying safe is a priority during the coronavirus. But what if you have a health condition or debilitating pain that’s keeping you from living life? Balancing your health may mean scheduling an appointment with your massage therapist. Here are FAQs that cover how to get a safer massage during the pandemic.

Q1: What type of expert can offer massage therapy?

A1: Many individual therapists, as well as organizations, offer therapeutic massage services. Learn about their offerings and abilities.

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Q2: What types of pain can a massage help alleviate?

A2: Massage therapy can help a range of injuries and ailments. Here are a few examples.

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Q3: How should I prepare for a massage?

A3: If you’ve never had a massage before, you might feel nervous about your first appointment. Especially amid the coronavirus, it pays to be prepared.

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Q4: How can the Billow help me during and after a massage?

A3: The Billow offers a variety of benefits to women who experience breast discomfort due to surgery, nursing, or large breast size, and it can be used during and after a massage. Its unique shape offers a comfortable way for women to lie on their stomach, which enhances their massage experience and provides them a soothing way to sleep at night. Plus, it can also be used as a back pillow that still provides support to your breasts, back, arms, and neck.


Maintaining your health might require you to venture out for massage services during the pandemic. But as many massage therapy businesses reopen, it’s important to know who you can visit for a massage. You should also recognize how the therapy may impact your health and how to protect yourself while receiving services – and these resources can help.

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