People easy confused to choose a right pillow to sleep because there are many forms of pillows are offering in the marketplace. Some people prefer latex pillows, some prefer wool pillows and others consider kapok pillows…. The question is how can people know which pillow is perfect to them. Of course, no one wants to spend time just to buy and exchange. Each pillow has its own benefit. This article will introduce to customers different form of pillows, which are suitable to different type of sleepers. We are spending one third of our life to sleep, so it is necessary to have a right pillow. See more info at

Natural Wool, Natural Kapok, and Organic Cotton Pillow

These kinds of pillows are good for all back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Why? Usually these pillows covered by zipper case (selling by So for those who are back and side sleepers, they can keep the original thickness pillows. For the stomach sleeper, the pillow needs to adjust its thickness. The stomach sleepers do not need a very high pillow in order to avoid a low back pain. They may keep the fiber for later using. Customers prefer wool or kapok or cotton pillow should know how is the different between them. Generally, these three fibers are soft, smooth and easy contour to necks. However, kapok fiber is the lightest and better water resistant. Kapok fiber is light one eighth of cotton fiber. The three are easy to pack down firmly. It is not easy to recognize Wool and Cotton Pillow but the kapok, which is lighter and more slippery.

Natural Latex Pillow

Every one knows that natural latex come from rubber trees. It is natural. During the process of making latex, there is not any chemical added. If you are a back sleeper or side sleeper, should get these kinds of pillows. These pillows cannot be adjusted the sizes. It will remain the original shape for at least five years. If you like to sleep on the latex pillow but you are stomach sleeper, what to do is getting a low loft latex pillow.

Natural Shredded Latex Pillow

Shredded latex is made by shredding latex slab into small pieces 0.5-1.5 inches long. The cut pieces have characteristics of regular latex and in addition are flexible and resilient to conform to body shape. While they lay inside a pillow, the latex pieces can be moved slightly to allow the latex to conform to body contours, offering high degree of support and pressure point relief. This enables deep and comfortable sleeping, which the sleepers are looking for. Sometimes, in some stores, these pillow are under name is micro cushion pillows. This pillow is good for different types of sleepers. It is adjustable and you also can get the shredded latex out to make it become a low loft one.

Body Pillow

Good for pregnant and for side sleepers